Watch at home – Utopia Limited

If you search Amazon for “UL”, you won’t find a great deal of video recordings to choose from – none, to be precise. Yes, the penultimate G&S collaboration doesn’t even belong to their “canonical” works, and I put off watching it for quite a while, but once I did, I had to confess to myself that I had enjoyed it more than, say, “The Sorcerer” or “Ruddygore”.
But anyway, this lack of selection is not to say that it’s generally impossible to obtain a copy, of course. The Gilbert and Sullivan Opera company, for example, is selling their 2011 production here.

Youtube, as always, offers further help, thanks to some kind-hearted operatic societies who like to share their work. A good man named Stuart Albert from the Durham Savoyards, for example, has given us a chance to see this production:

P.S. If you enjoy this production, check out their “Sorcerer”: