Watch at Home – The Pirates of Penzance

It’s a shame the English National Opera hasn’t put their recent Mike Leigh-directed offering on disc, though there is still a plethora of other options. There is, for starters, the Kevin Kline movie… sorry, film, as well as this 1980 Broadway production, also starring Mr Kline, alongside Patricia (“It’s pronounced ‘Bouquet’) Routledge – according to the reviews, the image and sound quality is pretty appalling, though.

Then, there are these two 2000s versions here (this one and this one), which I can say nothing about, but what I can say is that the overture in this 1982 Brent Walker production comes in a heavily castrated form, and the disc is 18 quid, so… decide for yourself.

The Stratford Festival edition sells for 20 quid, or – in a box with the “Mikado” and “Iolanthe” – for 30. £20 also for the National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company versions, e.g. this one here.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Division of Music was kind enough to offer us their 2016 version for free. The sound and especially the image quality are excellent!