Watch at Home – Iolanthe

It’s pretty surprising the available “Iolanthe” productions are so few – considering the fact that this one is one of the general public’s all-time favourites, apart from the “Big Three”. The Stratford Festival (Canadian) is offering theirs for 20 quid, and so does Brent Walker for… wait, what?! £22.29?? The entire box is 25 pounds – surely, this is some madn… mistake, I mean mistake!

As always, the National Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company is there to provide alternatives, like e.g. this one, featuring Simon Buteriss as Lord Chancellor!

Carl Rosa, too, has produced a version, which is also available in a set with “Yeomen of the Guard” and “The Mikado”.

Other than that, there are some (legally uploaded) alternatives on Youtube, e.g. this one here, though the image format is unfortunately distorted, so if you watch it on your TV, you’ll need to play around with the format settings a bit.

…and there is also this one, made in Portland: