Watch at Home – HMS Pinafore

Appropriately, there have been quite a few DVD releases of this member of the “Big Three” – though do you reckon this version by the Madison Savoyards, Ltd. is really worth the £62.40 (plus £1.26 for delivery)? Oh, well, maybe it comes in a large set with a lavish dinner for two? Also, the reviews are not… how does one say it in British English? Not altogether positive.

As always, there is the – least expensive – Brent Walker alternative, as well as the Opera Australia offering (also includes “Trial by Jury”). And perhaps you require the latter with Polish subtitles?

The Stratford Festival production, too, comes in a box with “Trial by Jury”, as well as “The Gondoliers”.

The reviews for this one aren’t particularly enthusiastic.

And then there is also this version starring John Reed – only available on VHS, though you can still get it very cheaply here (through Amazon’s Marketplace).

Speaking of free alternatives, this one by Wichita Grand Opera seems – at least in terms of image and sound quality, haven’t watched all of it – very much above average, compared to other G&S productions uploaded by generous operatic societies across the globe.