Meetup group for all G&S fans in London created

…and can be found here:

The idea behind this group is quite simple, really – it is to create a London- (and perhaps South East England-) based community of G&S lovers who would like to meet their fellow fans in real life, be it for a sing-along, a night at the theatre or just over a cuppa talking about nothing in particular.
Everybody can join or even schedule events in this group. And no, you don’t need to be a die-hard G&S geek and know precisely when and where “The Pirates of Penzance” had its premiere or who originally played the part of Yum-Yum in “The Mikado”. If you fancy hosting an event, just message me and tell me about what you would like to do, and I’ll make you organiser. There is no cost to it, I’m simply doing this because, I’m hoping, this will be great fun!

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